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Health Benefits of Cherries May Be Related to Antioxidant Based Resveratrol

Although there are numerous health benefits of cherries, we are only going to discuss two of the most important ones in this article. As with any fruit, they have their own properties and benefits. When eaten regularly, they can significantly reduce your risk for several types of cancer. So, if you want to stay healthy and live a longer life, eating plenty of berries every day is a no brainer!

Health Benefits of Cherries May Be Related to Antioxidant-Based Resveratrol

The first of our health benefits of cherries is their antioxidant properties. Like most fruits, cherries contain plenty of antioxidants. Among these powerful fighters are anthocyanins, flavonoids and procyanidins. These compounds all work together to fight off cancer cells and free radicals. Not only do cherries provide health benefits, they also help you sleep better at night, provide natural weight loss protection and are just as good as getting a massage in the morning!

If you prefer to enjoy your cherries fresh from the garden, or if you grow your own, you can add ripe cherries to juice. Although many juices contain high levels of antioxidants, fresh cherries are still just as effective and much easier to make. Simply cut off a few cherries, add water, let the concentrate ripen a bit and enjoy. This concentrated juice can also be added to smoothies, cereal or any kind of diet.

Next on the health benefits of cherries, we will discuss their high fiber content. Most fruits have some amount of fiber. But, when these berries are cooked, their fiber amounts increase greatly. Cooking removes the water from the fruit, which means the fiber is not lost. Furthermore, when the fiber is present it binds with other nutrients in the fruit, providing them with healthful substances such as potassium and magnesium.

Another one of the health benefits of cherries is their high vitamin C content. This fruit offers twice the amount of vitamin C that you can get from eating a medium sized stone fruit. And, since it is so easy to eat fresh cherries, you don't have to worry about consuming too many. Two ounces per day is plenty for most people.

While fresh cherries are loaded with vitamins, you may want to consider dried ones instead. Dried cherries have been processed so they are rich in nutrients but their flavor has been removed. Because of this, dried cherries don't have as many health benefits as fresh cherries. Dried cherries can still be used in pies, breads, smoothies, ice cream, salad dressings and more.

If you are trying to lose weight or manage your diabetes, dried cherries are a great addition to your diet. Because of their high sugar content, diabetics and those with sensitivity to refined sugars will benefit from cherries. Dried cherries also have less calories than fresh cherries and a significantly reduced sugar concentration. The good news is that diabetics can still eat dessert because the amount of sugar has been partially removed. The best way to tell if a dried cherry is the right thing for you is to check the label and read the nutritional information.

Health benefits of cherries go far beyond their delicious taste. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory. Research has indicated they may also lower the risk of heart disease, promote cardiovascular health and possibly prevent certain types of cancer. Dried cherries are packed with nutrients, which makes them a great addition to any diet. You'll feel better than you ever have before, and your body will thank you for it!

There are several other health benefits of cherries that make them an excellent addition to a balanced diet. They contain a significant amount of potassium, a necessary mineral in order for the proper functioning of every system in the body. In addition, they provide the body with plenty of dietary fiber, an essential element that helps to reduce the risk of developing unhealthy weight problems. A daily serving of dried cherries provides more than the required amounts of most other fruits and vegetables, which is why they are such a healthy snack choice.

Although there is some evidence that eating plenty of cherries can help prevent diabetes, most health experts agree that more research needs to be conducted in this area. For diabetes sufferers, it's not only important to eat a diet low in fat and high in fiber, they must also monitor their blood sugar levels and keep their weight under control. Although many fruits and vegetables have a high glycemic index, dried cherries rank near the top of the list. For this reason, eating a dried cherry has many health benefits that might convince patients to take the plunge and add them to their daily diet.

Although there is some preliminary research that suggests that cherries may help reduce blood pressure, further research is needed to confirm these findings. One of the reasons why cherries are so beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular system is that they contain a chemical compound called anthocyanin, which may have a positive effect on blood pressure. The compounds found in this fruit appear to inhibit the formation of nitric oxide, which is responsible for constricting the blood vessels and improving blood flow. If these compounds can successfully reduce blood pressure, the lowering of blood pressure may help decrease the risk of coronary artery disease and other heart problems. More research is certainly needed to confirm the impact of anthocyanins on blood pressure and to determine if further research can provide further benefits in lowering blood pressure.

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