Friday, June 25, 2021

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been widely touted as a superfood with many health benefits. Many claims are made about the health benefits of coconut oil and how it helps to improve metabolism and digestion. What is not commonly known is how this oil is used to prepare a variety of foods. This is the focus of this article. The unique blend of fatty acids found in coconut oil can have very positive impacts on your health, including boosting heart health, increasing fat metabolism, and improved brain function.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Let's begin by learning what it is used for. The oil may be refined or virgin oil depending on where it was extracted from. When refined, the oil may lose some beneficial nutrients because of the heating process during the refining process. Virgin oil extractions, however, retain most of the nutrients including the saturated fat, which may help decrease the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer.

One of the most common uses of coconut oil occurs when it is added to other foods or treatments. Coconut water and liquid pulp are sometimes added to smoothies, ice creams, or other drinks to replace other milk based products. This liquid is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and does not cause much of a change in blood sugar levels. Other uses of the oil occur in the kitchen as well, where it can be added to a wide variety of recipes.

One study that looked at the effect of coconut oil on hair was conducted by the University of Reading. The participants were given four different treatments each week for two months. At the end of the two months, there was no significant difference between groups in hair thickness. In another study, coconut oil pulling and sebum removal were compared in hair and scalp samples from women who had recently given birth. Women who had gone through the procedure reported less hair loss and noticed improvements in their complexion.

Another group of experiments looked at the effects of coconut oil on heart disease and cholesterol. Both control and experimental groups were given diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Those participants who were given coconut oil showed significantly lower amounts of bad fats in their blood tests than those who were given a control diet. The fatty acids seemed to increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels, which in turn lowered total cholesterol. No other studies have directly supported the claim that coconut oil help to reduce cholesterol, but this is one study that did support a theory that there may be some correlation between the consumption of fats and cholesterol.

There was also a study published in the Journal of Applied Dermatology showing that a certain type of lauric acid found in coconut oil can prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The lauric acid has been shown to kill certain types of bacteria, which is believed to promote the growth of healthy skin and hair. Other experiments showed that the oil can inhibit growth of both malignant and benign prostate cells, making it an anti-cancer treatment. The oil has also been used in the skin to treat psoriasis and eczema, reducing the redness and swelling associated with these conditions. This research supports the idea that coconut oil can be helpful in treating conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, especially when used topically.

There are many other health benefits of pure coconut oil. It is a powerful antioxidant, able to eliminate harmful free radicals in the body. The hydrogenated oils are also known to have fewer calories than other vegetable oils. Pure coconut oil contains about half as many calories as olive oil, one of the most popular vegetable oils. The high calorie count may be a draw for those trying to lose weight, but it is better for your health to choose fats that are unsaturated and contain only small amounts of calories. Choose your fats carefully and your consumption of fat will become much lower in calories.

Coconut oil is one of the most interesting and promising new discoveries in the medical field. A recent study has shown promise that the high saturity of the oil can offer protection against heart disease and possibly even help in weight loss. Further studies must be conducted, but for now it looks as though the benefits of pure coconut oil are likely to be quite beneficial to most people. As unsaturated fats continue to draw attention as a healthier alternative to saturated fats, this type of fat could become very popular in the culinary world as well.
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