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Why Micron Technology is So Important

Micron Technology, Incorporated is an American manufacturer of personal computer data storage and computer memory incorporating non-volatile and dynamic random access memory chips, plus other computer peripheral devices. It is headquartered in Boise, Idaho where it manufactures a wide range of personal computer products. Its consumer goods are sold under the names Crucial, Gateway, and Cray. The main products produced by Micron Technology are memory sticks, diskettes, drives, printers, and other peripheral devices. It also produces a memory stick called a MMC card.

Why Micron Technology is So Important

This growing memory manufacturing segment is witnessing strong growth due to a new generation of memory applications. It aims at fulfilling the high demand for high-performance, reliable and cost effective storage solutions in the information centers of the business industries of the United States. In order to increase operating income, the scope of growth for Micron Technology, Incorporated is set to increase in the next five years.

The total revenue of Micron Technology, Incorporated is expected to grow in the coming five years. The increase in the sales of flash memory chips and other storage solutions will enable it to increase its revenue in the decade ahead. The storage markets of the world are seeing an explosive growth due to the various technological advances made in this area. The global economy is seeing a significant impact of these developments on the monetary supply, which has resulted in the phenomenal rise in the price of various items including memory chips.

The company is based in Boise, Idaho, where it is one of the six main manufacturers of flash memory devices. Among the other states, its manufacturing facility is located in Idaho's capital city of Boise. The company's main headquarters is located in the State of Idaho in Boise. The city of Boise is named after an early American pioneer who established a mission in the territory of what today is known as Idaho.

Innovation is the main facet behind the business of Micron Technology, Incorporated. This helps them in incorporating various innovations into their products. Apart from providing storage solutions for personal computers and other electronic items, they also manufacture DAS (direct-access memory) and other innovative memory devices. DAS is a modular memory architecture that is based on the client-server concept. It has become one of the most popular forms of memory used in many computer applications.

DAS was developed by Micron technology with a view to provide improved access to information through better memory management and faster data retrieval. It is basically an ultra small system-on-chip (SOC) that uses several working parts, all of which are fabricated in the form of dielectric nanotube (DMD) materials. The entire structure is highly transparent and can be configured using fiber optics and electrical signals. DAS was found to be extremely efficient for information exchange in various computer applications such as digital imaging, speech recognition, real-time 3D animation, video compression, image stabilization, time scheduling, and other digital media processing.

Micron technology manufactures both DAS and NAND flash memory. Earlier, it manufactured only DAS but later, they started to manufacture NAND Flash. NAND Flash is the latest generation of non-volatile memory technologies and it is also capable of greater capacity than most flash memories available in the market currently. Most of the computer applications today utilize the NAND flash memory.

DAS was designed for higher density and greater reliability. The bandwidths of DAS and NAND Flash are uncountable. There is a great demand for these memory technologies. Micron technology continues to progress in their quest to build the most efficient and reliable semiconductor memory.

Inotera has recently introduced their new invention called Ion Voltaic System. Inotera's invention will be an alternative to liquid-state hard drives. It is a high capacity solid state hard drive which has an integrated power control module. Powering the system is a miniature electric motor. The company plans to use the Ion Voltaic System in a variety of personal digital devices, laptop, tablet PC, handheld computing device, automotive and industrial applications and medical imaging.

Inotera states that ion voltaic systems have a number of benefits over other competing technologies such as solid-state flash memory (SSF) and NAND flash memory. Ionta states that their new system has a capacity of four thousand bits per second and has an enhanced random access memory. The company has also invested over twenty million dollars in research and development to improve the inter memory. They have obtained over thirteen patents for the processes used in constructing the inotera device. The research conducted by Inotera has resulted in several papers having been written in journals of applied physics.

Inotera states that they plan on releasing the ionic version of their microchip in the next three years. They are currently working with several major corporations on developing a full line of cell phone products. The current products planned by Inotera consist of personal digital assistant's; handheld computing devices such as smart phones and netbooks; enterprise level devices such as servers and storage applications; and cell phone hardware and software applications. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful new technology, please feel free to visit their website.

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